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This disc is the product of collaboration with her
father, Yiddish poet
Michael Felsenbaum, and
Regina Dricker. It is dedicated to the
Bessarabian landscape of her youth – a place
where for hundreds of years Moldavians, Jews,
Gypsies and other national groups have lived in
close proximity with one another.
Distant stars - Vayte shter reflects the cultural
influence on Jewish song of these diverse
national groups.

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Vayte Shtern - Distant Stars
Guest Appearances
Beyond The Pale - Postcards
Critically-acclaimed and award-winning, Beyond the Pale is one
of the most exciting ensembles in the Canadian folk, roots, and
world music scenes.
The new album traverses a vast and exotic musical landscape -
from raucous dance rhythms and funky grooves to complex
instrumental showpieces with intricate chamber music-like
aesthetics. Postcards is a trail-blazing redefinition of
contemporary East European folk/roots music, bound by no one
idiom but shaped by many.
Vira Lozinsky is joining the band on three tracks of  Yiddish
vocals on original arrangements of songs penned by her father
Yiddish poet Michael Felsenbaum.
Wunderweg - Wondrous Way
It has been a great pleasure for me to work on this disk. It embodies all of my
musical life: Yiddish, which is the first language I heard as a child; as well as
world music, especially Romanian and Gypsy music, the love of which I
inherited from my mother, Fania, who first introduced me to folk music and who
has been my most significant influence in this respect. I also love the sounds of
tango, of Russian romances, and of chamber music.I’m  extremely  interested  
in  the  linkage  between  modern  Yiddish  song  and different musical styles.
The Jewish people have always absorbed the culture of  the  nations  
surrounding  them,  and  in  turn  have  exerted  a  reciprocal influence. Two
people, each a giant in his field, have helped me realize this project. The first is
my father, Michael Felsenbaum - Yiddish author, poet, playwright and composer
- who wrote all of the lyrics and composed most of the melodies. I  am  also  
indebted  to  Emil  Aybinder  -  master  accordionist  and  one  of today’s leading
experts in world music - who is responsible for the musical arrangements and
a full partner in presentation of the songs.Emil Aibinder  introduced  me  to  the  
wonderful,  extremely  talented  musicians  who participated in the recording of
this disk. I thank everybody who worked with me on this disk from the bottom of
my heart. Vira