Vira Lozinsky, one of today's outstanding Yiddish singers,blends her singing
with a variety of musical styles from East European folk (Klezmer, Gypsy,
Romanian, Russian) to South American Tangos. Her repertoire includes a
new material , as well as Yiddish folk songs, songs of Bessarabian, Romanian
and Polish Jewish poets, and of classical and modern Yiddish poets .

Vira was born in 1974 in Beltz, Moldova (Bessarabia), to a family of Yiddish
artists. Her father
Michael Felsenbaum founded the Yiddish theater of Beltz
in 1989 and is a prominent figure in Yiddish culture. Well known as a poet
and playwright, he has written many of the songs in Vira’s repertoire. Vira’s
mother Fania was also a prolific performer and singer of Yiddish and
Romanian songs throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. Vira started playing the
violin at the age of six, but her real passion was always singing. From the age
of 13 until her immigration to Israel in 1991 she sang in the Beltz Yiddish
Theater and also performed solo concerts throughout the former USSR.

After immigrating to Israel at age 16 she earned her BA in Musicology and
Yiddish literature at Bar-Ilan University. In 2000 she graduated with honors
from the vocal program of Israel’s prestigious Rimon school of Jazz &
Contemporary Music. A significant event in her career occurred in 2002 when
she met the great Yiddish singer
Nechama Lifshitz, who has since remained
her teacher and mentor.

An enchanting performer in every way, Vira’s mellifluous alto voice is
powerful, warm, expressive, and pure.

Vira Lozinsky has worked and recordered with international artists and
groups as
Raanana Symphonette Orchestra,   "Beyond the Pale",
"Konsonans Retro", Leopold Kozlowski, Emil Aybinder   and many others.
Her performances were broadcast on Arte TV , Israel's channel 2 and radio
channles CBC (Canada), Deutsche Welle (Germany) and others.

                    Venues and festivals

Amsterdam Jewish Music Festival
Ashkenaz Festival , Toronto
Klezkanada, Montreal, Canada
Furth Klezmer Festival , Germany
Festival of Jewish Culture Warsaw of Singer , Poland
Teatro Astral , Buenos Aires
Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay, Montevideo
National Yiddish Book Center, Amherst, USA
Yiddish Festival on the Dead Sea, Israel
Dresden Jewish Week , Germany
Yiddish Summer in Weimar , Germany


Grand Prize: International Jewish Music Competition, Amsterdam 2012

Mira Rafalowicz Prize (best Yiddish), Amsterdam - 2012

Just Plain Folks  Music Awards 2009 winner - for the song Malokhim Lid

7th Annual Independent Music Awards (IMA) nominee  / Best World Music


" Without a doubt, Vira Lozinsky is one of the best Yiddish singers today."
Forverts , New York . 2008

" Emotionally appealing songs.."
Deutsche Welle | A World of Music. 2008  

" Discovery of the Year..."    
ARTE TV, Metropolis. 2006
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Warsaw Jewish Theatre .
photo:  Renata Zawadzka-Ben Dor
Ashkenaz Festival. SIRIUS Stage.
photo: Alon Lozinsky
Toronto. photo: Ashkenaz foundation